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Yo B!

Hey! I see you used my song! I'm glad you liked my song enough to use it. It works well in the video.
As for the video itself, I know you've already heard everything I could say so I won't run my mouth, but suffice to say: not bad. Good for a first.
Oh, yeah, in the future, let me know if you're going to use my music. It's no big deal or anything, I just would've liked to have seen the video when it came out.
Anyway, nice work and I look forward to seeing future submissions. Maybe I can write you some music sometime. Hit me up.


This is the first of this series I have watched and it is fantastic! Smooth animation, enjoyable characters, and, I mean, come on, it's zelda!
Nice nice work my friend.
My only piece of advice is simply that the pacing seemed a little slow at times. Some of the smoothest pacing was when they were eating and Talon came in and started talking.
I loved Talon's voice by the way.
Oh, and when there was that shot of the Goron symbol on the wall and the music swelled? Absoluetly brilliant. Perfecttion!
Keep it up man!

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Not a lot to say about this. Simply that I love your art style, and the song was neat. Good job and I hope to see more from you in the near future.

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AW YES! A whole game devoted to shooting a little man with a rocket!

Interesting concept

Points for creativity and innovation. I like this. It is a bit easy though, because like the person before me said, if you start out and work in, the outer edges give you reference to where everything is.
Anyway, good stuff. Keep it up.

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I love it

It's simple, and awesome. I love it.
Plus, those are the cutest snots I have ever seen.

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Fantastic my friend

Very emotive. It captures a wonderful mood. Both epic, and yet with some sorrow. Beautiful.
What software are you using?

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Cubase 4 Studio, East West Goliath... and thats it for this song.

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